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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Some improvements to the site... And the house

This Blogger page is starting to shape up and feel a little more like home. I still can't get the margins and box widths set to my satisfaction though.

Yesterday was productive and I finished the window air conditioner installation. I had to manufacture a fill-in panel to keep the cool air in and the bugs and hot weather out. Everything went perfectly, right up until I tried to drill screws through the steel frame of the window to mount the cover.

Who knew there was concrete poured into those window frames when they were installed? I wrecked 3 drill bits in the space of a couple minutes! My plan was of course to drill 1/8" holes into the frame and use sheet metal screws to hold the cover in place. But run a drill bit that size with a 1/2" drill motor through the metal and into the concrete and suddenly you own a drill bit that won't drill through cheese. Crap! I did manage to get enough holes drilled to secure the cover with the help from my friendly caulking gun and some adhesive in a tube.

Its not as good as I engineered it but it acceptable. Its painted and not leaking and the ac unit itself works very nicely.

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